• A Man with a Plan

    T​his morning, a week and a half after Leon’s occupational therapy needs assessment, I went to the parent consultation with the director/owner of the clinic to discuss her findings.  Long story short, he definitely has some auditory sensitivities, and she congratulated me for being so in-tune with his needs. For the auditory-processing test, scores range from 10-50 with “typical performance” marked as a 35-43. Leon scored a 13. He also failed almost all of the tasks that involved closing his eyes. This went along with her secondary finding that he relies on his vision almost exclusively out of all his senses, which may be why he’s so scared in the…

  • Toddler Quiz

    What is your name?[wearing firefighter hat] “Um, Fireman. And I got my water hose.” [swings wrapping paper tube] How old are you?“Um, no! I don’t wanna talk to Mommy.” When is your birthday?“It’s Leon’s birthday?” How old is your dad?“Um, Daddy’s birthday?” How old is your mom?[No answer, playing with wrapping paper tube] What is your favorite color?“Ummm, orange!” What is your favorite food?“Pineapples!” [He does not like pineapple] Who is your best friend?“Ummm, Claudia and Elmo and Cookie and Ernie and Bert and Grover.” What is your favorite animal?“Um, a cow say ‘mooooo’!” What are you scared of?“The thunder and lightning.” What makes you happy?“Ummm, Claudia!” Where is your…

  • Thug Life

    Leon got a black Batman slap-bracelet while trick-or-treating at my office on Halloween. He has refused to take it off for the past three weeks (aside from baths and showers) and also for some reason he insists on wearing it around his right ankle. How does one explain to a toddler that it looks like he’s wearing an ankle monitor 🤔

  • Y is for Yeet

    Leon: *holds his favorite Big Bird doll lovingly*“A is for apple. B is for…BYEEEEE!” *chucks Big Bird across the room*Me: 😳😳😳

  • Sounds Like a Plan

    Leon’s been up until 11 p.m. the last few nights because he was terrified of the wind outside. I started writing a blog article yesterday about how Leon is afraid of everything, moreso than what I feel is typical of toddlers, and in writing the post I listed all the things he’s scared of. Fire alarms The refrigerator when it makes ice  Motorcycles, car engines revving, traffic Wind The vacuum The sound of the daycare kids in the gym next door Fireworks Thunder It didn’t take long before I realized that all of the unusual/unrealistic things that he’s scared of are noises. So I started doing some research and came…

  • Sillypants

    Me: “You’re a sillypants.”Leon: “No, I’m not a sillypants.”Me: “Well then who’s a sillypants? Is it Daddy?”Leon: “No, Ava’s a sillypants!”Me: “…Ava? Who’s Ava?”Leon: “A sillypants!”

  • A Princess

    Me: *puts on a big baggy hobo shirt to hide how bloated I feel*Leon: “You look like a princess.”Me: “Awww, buddy!”Leon: “Mommy’s a princess.”

  • Playing with Play-Doh

    We were sitting at the restaurant booth when Leon pulled out some old Play-Doh, molded it, and stuck a few pieces to his dinosaur toys. We spent a few minutes pondering where he got that color Plah-Doh before Minh realized it was gum from underneath the table 🤮

  • Leaving My Baby

    Minh and I went to Portland last weekend. I was so anxious about leaving — not only because of what I needed to prep for Leon, but because it would be the first time we’d even leave him overnight. I printed out the “week” from a calendar and color-coded the days we’d be gone with a star on the day we’d come back; we put stickers on each day as they went by. He seemed to really understand it and enjoy adding the stickers, so as the week came I stressed a little less. Then the morning we were leaving and carrying our bags out to the car, he panicked…