• Playing Pretend

    Leon just spent the past 10 minutes playing doctor and using the Wiimote to take my temperature, then suddenly the Wiimote turned into underwear (???) and that was very silly.

  • When You’re Called…

    Leon called me over from the other side of the house, while he was eating lunch and while I was making a spreadsheet for the house…to tell me he wanted tickles. (He got tickles, because you really only go through that kind of effort when you’re desperate for tickles.)

  • Bartering with a Toddler

    Leon: “Time for night-night?”Me: “No, not quite yet.”Leon: “Five minutes?”Me: “No, fifteen minutes.”Leon: “No. Five minutes.”Me: “Ok, five.” 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sometimes My Kid is Pretty Darn Cool

    Sometimes motherhood is about wiping butts and calming tantrums, but lately it’s been about being silly and loving openly.  Leon has been making me laugh constantly lately — sometimes unintentionally on his part. On Sunday night, he realized that a certain facial expression he did made me laugh, so he did it constantly for the next 30 minutes. And the night before that, Minh asked him if he’d share one of his chips, and Leon broke off the tiniest crumb of a chip to share. He’s also got a sensitive, sweet side. One night he was still sitting up in bed over an hour after his bedtime, and when I went…

  • #MomLife

    When you dress your kid in an oversize t-shirt, grab the canvas bags, put on shoes, and head out the door to go grocery shopping for the week…and your kid reminds you that he needs shorts and undies. 😬😳

  • Bedtime Rituals

    Leon was still sitting up in bed over an hour after his bedtime, so I went upstairs to see what was going on. Me: “What’s up, buddy?”Leon: “I need a band-aid my knee.” So to humor him, I went downstairs to get him a band-aid, covered his week-old scab with it, and tucked him back in. Me: “Ok, here you go, bud. Good night, I love you.”Leon: “I need kiss, please.” So I kissed him and left the room. He was asleep five minutes later.

  • All Kinds of Attitude

    Yesterday was Leon’s 30-month wellness checkup — he’s 36.5 inches and 28 pounds! The doctor said he seems to be ahead developmentally but expressed some concern that he hasn’t gained any weight since his last checkup six months ago. She said she often sees a dip in BMI between ages 2 and 4, so we’ll just keep him on whole milk and full-fat dairy and keep an eye on it. He’s had some attitude lately, so I’m wondering if his upper molars are coming in. I made a list of things he threw a full-blown tantrum about in the span of two hours on Saturday, mostly because it was funny…

  • Bedtime Upgrades

    Last weekend we took a road trip to visit my family in Missouri! I was a little nervous because it would be our first road trip since potty-training Leon, but he did great and honestly, due to my coffee habit, we had to stop more for me than for him. There was only one hiccup during the trip and it was at our first stop — Leon was afraid of the loud fan in the bathrooms and wouldn’t relax enough to go, so I had to take him to the side of the gas station building with his potty chair. Other than that, he peed at each stop and had…

  • Where’s Daddy?

    Minh: *hiding under blanket*Me: “Hey Leon, where’s Daddy?”Minh: “Hey Leon, I think Daddy’s outside!”Leon: *runs to put on shoes so he can go look outside*Minh and me: 🤔🤔🤔