Here We Go (Again)!

I started my prenatal vitamins today! They basically consist of six multivitamin tablets, a couple DHA/fish-oil pills, and a few fiber pills to keep everything flowing nicely. It would be super handy of the manufacturers to condense everything into one super-pill, but I’ve read that it’s better to separate the pills into smaller doses over the course of the day. Here’s the handful I’ll be swallowing for the next year or two. (At least I’ll have nice hair/nails in exchange for testing my gag reflex on a daily basis.)


I started prenatals about six months ago, but discontinued them while I was in the hospital for stomach ulcers. I’m sure that’s not what caused my stomach ulcers, but I’ve been afraid to touch the vitamins again out of fear of tearing up my stomach. But future #tinyhalfasianbaby’s brain needs these vitamins for healthy development, so I’m more than willing to try again! Here we go!

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