Today was my last day on Nuvaring. While I’m thrilled to hit the “hormone-free” milestone in our journey, I’m a little fearful of my period for the next few months. But what can you do.

Oh, also, I had to discontinue the prenatals for the second time. They were causing shortness of breath in the mornings, which I recognized as the symptom that brought me to the urgent care clinic in September, right before my hospital stay. I scheduled a visit with my PCP on Tuesday and the doctor said that one, I’m allergic to something in the prenatals I’m taking, and two, I don’t need to take the fiber pills (I should just eat lots of fruits and vegetables).

She suggested that instead I take a a prescription pill called Neevo DHA. She explained that up to 80% of women have a mutation in the MTHFR gene (which, let’s be honest, we all kind of giggled when we read that) which means that they can’t metabolize folic acid. Neevo DHA has folic acid in its metabolized form. Only thing is, that means that the prenatals will now be one of the most expensive items in our baby budget. But because folic acid is important before you even get that positive pregnancy test, it’s something I’m totally willing to pay for to ensure healthy neural development. So on the plus side, my prenatal routine will go from 11 pills a day to one. Woohoo!

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