Oh Boy (or Girl)

For the last four weeks I’ve distracted myself from baby-making, and instead focused on improving myself, my marriage and my home. I quit drinking as of April 14 and have focused that energy on deep-cleaning our house, running three half-marathons and maintaining a spreadsheet of landscape architects who can design our backyard. I haven’t even gone into #THAB’s nursery; the one baby-related thing I’ve been doing is logging my basal body temperature every day so I could predict when I would start my period.

I took a pregnancy test this morning since my period was five days late. I hadn’t been paying too much attention to when it’d come because my mind had focused its energy on finding the most responsive landscape designer with the most impressive portfolio. But this morning I figured what the hell, I’ll waste a pregnancy test and get it over with (mostly because there’s an unspoken universal law that a girl will get her period within an hour of taking a pregnancy test). I was in a hurry to get to work, so when I saw it was going to be negative I flung it in the garbage and forgot about it.

I remembered the test when I was on Reddit tonight and saw a user had posted a picture of a pregnancy test. The test was maybe positive — it was hard to tell. But it made me wonder about my test from this morning. Of course pregnancy tests (especially cheap ones) aren’t reliable if read after 10 minutes, but I headed to the bathroom to check, just in case. When I pulled the test out of the garbage I saw it.

A second line.

So I took another pregnancy test, not expecting much because first morning urine is the best to use for pregnancy tests (it was about 8 p.m. at that point). Within 15 seconds a second line appeared, and it was significantly darker than the one on the test from this morning.

It took a couple seconds to even register that I was reading it correctly. Did I accidentally take an ovulation test or something? But Minh confirmed — there were definitely two lines on both tests. I’m definitely pregnant.

While I wish I could say that I’m nothing but ecstatic, I’m honestly partially freaking out. I thankfully haven’t had a drop of alcohol since before conception/ovulation (which both happened on April 17, in case anyone’s wondering), but I drank a lot of coffee and Diet Coke. I mean, a lot of Diet Coke. And I ran a lot, which probably bounced poor little #THAB around quite a bit. And I touched up the purple on my bangs. And I cleaned the shower like three times and probably accidentally inhaled too much Scrubbing Bubbles.

But when I stop to think about it, I was just living. Had we not taken April off to avoid a Christmas baby, it would have probably taken us much longer to conceive. I wasn’t obsessing over my temperature chart this month, and I started taking better care of my mental and physical health — for me. The perfect environment for a little one to decide the time is right.

#TinyHalfAsianBaby is real, y’all. WE’RE HAVING A BABY!

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