Assembling the Nursery

Pregnancy brain is REAL, y’all. After forgetting my laundry in the wash for over 48 hours, I restarted it last night — only to forget to put everything in the dryer YET AGAIN. So I’m currently washing the same load of clothes for the third time. Ugh.

On a much more exciting note, we’ve gotten the nursery to a respectable point, considering we still have 28 weeks to fine-tune it. The features I’m really excited about include the reading nook (which doesn’t yet have books), the play nook (which doesn’t yet have toy shelves), and the wall of family photos (so Leon can more easily remember his long-distance relatives). It’s coming along!


20160629_190057  20160629_190128  20160621_182729  20160629_190139

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