Miscellaneous Thoughts #1

I don’t have enough complete thoughts for one blog post, so I’ll just highlight some of my latest thoughts and observations.

  • As someone who has been blessed with clear skin my entire life, pregnancy has turned me into a greasy teenager. Last week I woke up with three zits on my face — of course, all in the most awkward of places so there was no question I was breaking out. At one point I was walking from my car to my office building and I thought I felt something on my face flapping in the wind — of course it was just my forehead zit, and when I touched it, it immediately reminded me that IT IS THE BOSS NOW. I had a dream that night that I was in a meeting, and one of the items on the agenda was my forehead zit, because everyone had agreed that it was distracting and needed to be addressed.
  • On the topic of weird dreams, I dreamt recently that I was giving birth to my baby, and the nurses asked what his name will be. I was so doped up on painkillers or whatever that I named the baby Eugene.
  • I’ve been using cream on my tummy the past couple weeks. I’m not holding out hope that it’ll actually work, because I’m fully aware that the skin that causes stretch marks is too deep for a lotion to penetrate. But for $10, I’m willing to hold out hope.
  • Speaking of my belly, it’s getting bigger. One day I woke up and noticed that I’d gone from “I’m really bloated/disgusting” to “wow this is literally the biggest my stomach has ever been.” It’s kind of firm and not super jiggly so I’m hoping it’s baby and not just the pint of gelato I gobble through every week. Nonetheless, I won’t be sharing bump photos because it’s not cute and round like you think of when you think of a baby bump. Just imagine a sack of potatoes with two beach balls on top and that’s essentially my torso.

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