How I Told Minh

I realized today that I haven’t actually posted how I told Minh I’m pregnant. So have a seat, kiddos, it’s story time…

Because our nursery is elephant-themed, and the nursery is one of the few tangible things we had at the time for Leon, elephants are therefore almost synonymous with our baby. So, several months ago, in preparation for someday being able to tell Minh I was pregnant, I made a watercolor of three elephants with a poem about becoming a father. I wrapped it in plain paper and left it on the art table in the guest bedroom, where I knew he wouldn’t look.

On May 3, immediately after I found out I’m pregnant, I shuffled through the house in a zombie-like trance to get the gift. I walked into the office, and Minh had just picked up his guitar and was getting settled in for a practice session. My voice cracked as I said, “Hey, do you have a second?” I gave him the gift and mumbled something about making him a present.

He read the first line and said, “You’re preggers?” I nodded and simultaneously laughed and cried. He cried a little too and we just kind of sat there in shock. We had to take a few minutes to just let it sink in.

Here’s the poem:

Before too long your life will change,
becoming something new.
You’ll hold so close and tenderly
a tiny part of you.
You’ll feel a love you can’t explain
that strengthens every day;
you’re going to be a daddy
and you’ll be perfect in every way.
As soon as you hold our child close,
you’ll start to understand:
The smallest fingers hold your heart
before they hold your hand.


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