The Scariest Doctor’s Visit of All Time Ever

On Monday night I was laying on the couch with the two little dogs while talking on the phone with Minh as he drove back from a dinner meeting. I wasn’t really paying attention to the dogs, but then Reese got excited hearing Minh’s voice through the phone and stepped on my stomach to get closer to the phone. It didn’t hurt, but out of frustration/fear, I scolded her and put her outside right away — even though she probably didn’t understand what she did wrong. 🙁

I figured everything would be fine with Leon, but he wasn’t his usual wiggly self Monday night when I went to bed, and when I tapped my stomach yesterday (Tuesday) morning to try to get him to move I got no response. I felt him (weakly) a couple times later yesterday morning, but it was kind of unusual because for the past two weeks he’s been kicking like crazy — and progressively harder. So I called the doctor yesterday afternoon, just to get reassurance that tiny chihuahuas step on women’s bellies all the time, no big deal, baby would be fine.

To my surprise though, the nurse asked me to come in immediately for an emergency ultrasound. I almost cried as I told my boss I had to leave work, and then I broke down when I finally got a hold of Minh and told him I was going to the doctor. He reassured me everything would be all right, but I was inconsolable. He offered to drive to the hospital immediately to support me, but I knew that he had just been on a call and it wasn’t easy for him to just step away from work. I had tears running down my face as I walked into the waiting room, and I kept sniffling as I waited to be called back.

As it turned out, everything WAS all right — Leon had just coincidentally changed positions Monday evening and that’s why I was having a hard time feeling him. He even bodyslammed against my uterine wall a few times for the ultrasound technician to show us he was fully mobile. Obviously I’m so relieved that he’s OK, but instead of going back to immediately feeling happy again, I couldn’t help but feel almost…traumatized. I was just so emotionally drained from yesterday afternoon that when I got home, I just laid on the couch all night.

I felt almost normal again when I woke up this morning, but I will never make jokes about Leon moving so much ever again. Every time I’ve felt him kick these past 24 hours, I’ve been incredibly grateful and overwhelmed with relief. Love my baby.



Oh, and on a closing note, because Leon is proving himself to be a prankster already, he literally stops kicking EVERY. SINGLE. TIME Minh puts his hand on my belly. Hopefully Minh will be able to feel his baby soon.


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