Miscellaneous Thoughts #2

  • Today I’m exactly 24 weeks — it’s Vitality Day! That just means that if I were to go into labor tomorrow, Leon would have a greater-than-50-percent chance of surviving. Obviously those aren’t ideal odds and we definitely want to keep him incubated for much longer, but it’s exciting to recognize that we’ve made it to this point!
  • Yesterday I got my oil changed at a local tire store. I stood behind the counter while talking to the attendant, but when I moved around the counter to sign the paperwork, he asked if I know whether I’m having a boy or girl. I excitedly said, “BOY!” It was the first time a stranger had mentioned my pregnancy without me saying or hinting about it first. My coworkers have even commented that my belly has grown quite a bit in the past week, but when I look at previous pictures of me, I think my stomach looks just as big as it was six weeks ago. Minh even says it’s getting huge, so it must just be an illusion to me.
  • Last night, Minh and I watched a Korean rom-com called My Sassy Girl. [SPOILERS] I made it through the entire movie with only crying a couple of (understandable) tears, but when Minh asked me what I thought of the movie after the credits rolled, I broke down and started bawling. I didn’t even know why I was crying except that the movie was just so…sad. I blubbered to Minh that Gyeon-woo was so sweet and he waited for her for three years and it didn’t even make sense because she was abusive and manipulative and only was attracted to him because he reminded her of her dead boyfriend, and it wasn’t nice because he was just so sweet to her. Minh hugged me and apologized because he thought I would enjoy the movie, and he only laughed a couple times at my overdramatic, hormonal reaction. After about ten minutes of my hysterical sobbing, he turned on the music to one of Leon’s toys and danced around like a puppet in an attempt to make me smile. I think I’ll keep him around 😉

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