I’m Ready

​It’s January 1! And I’m still pregnant! We were hoping Leon would stay settled until new year because of the better benefits (maternity leave, etc.) that we’d get in 2017. So A+ to Leon for not disappointing his parents while still in utero.

That said, I’m miserable. Ever since yesterday afternoon, it’s been painful to sit or stand longer than a couple minutes. Sometimes laying down hurts too.

Minh and I actually attended a wedding for two good friends yesterday. Minh drove down early to help set up, and I took an Uber a few hours after he left. I arrived at the wedding destination after 45 minutes of squirming in the backseat and wincing every time the driver went over a bump (which was pretty frequent as that part of town was older). I yelled for Minh as soon as I got to the gate, and when he asked me if I was okay, I broke down sobbing. I had been in so much pain and by myself the whole ride. Thankfully I showed up early enough that I could lay on the hostess’s couch for a half-hour until the pain subsided and my eyes weren’t so red and puffy.

I made it through the entirety of the wedding but have had the same pains since we got home last night. I’m fact, I rang in the new year on all fours with my booty up in the air and Minh rubbing my back, because that was the only way I could at least somewhat ease the pressure on my cervix. Right now I’m laying on the couch with my phone and some cookies, hoping for some sort of pattern.

Please come soon, Leon. I’m ready.


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