Follow-Up Appointments

​Leon’s pediatric cardiology appointment was yesterday. I was nervous since we never really got a thorough explanation of what was wrong with his heart. Leon laid silently on the exam table as the nurses conducted an EKG and ultrasound on him. It reminded me of the NICU, but I was surprisingly unbothered…so long as everything turned out okay.

After a wait that seemed like forever, the cardiologist came into the room and cheerfully explained Leon’s diagnosis. He has a stenosis in his pulmonary valve, but it’s so minor that it has an “almost zero” likelihood of ever affecting him. He recommended a follow-up visit in six months, but literally said to forget about it until the appointment because it really doesn’t matter. What a relief!​​

We had a two-week checkup with the pediatrician this afternoon. Leon did great for his bloodwork — no tears! And more impressively, he’s grown 0.75″ and gained a full pound since he was born 15 days ago!

As Leon’s been putting on weight, I’ve been losing it. At my two-week follow-up OBGYN appointment this morning, I weighed in at just eight pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. That’s 29 lbs gone in two weeks — I can’t really complain about that!

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