How Minh Made Leon Cry

We just celebrated Memorial Day weekend. Minh and I took an extra day off work for vastly different reasons — me, to do everything I can’t finish with Leon in tow; and Minh, to do nothing at all. One of the items on my to-do list was to give Minh a haircut. I usually give him his haircuts, but for whatever reason I just haven’t felt like it lately. So for the past month I’ve been begging him to just buy a Groupon and go somewhere during his lunch hour so he didn’t look so much like a fluffy homeless guy. Minh insisted that I cut it (which I like to think is because he appreciates my above-average buzzing skills and not because he’s too cheap to drop $12 at SportClips), so whatever — today was the perfect day to do it. I practiced a new technique on his facial hair, which didn’t quite work out…so in addition to a closer-than-usual haircut, he also now has no beard.

Here’s our specimen in his “before” form, for reference. I don’t have an “after” photo because I don’t feel like getting off my chair, but just imagine about 10 pounds less hair.

Anywho, since we were both free this afternoon to pick Leon up, we swung by daycare together. Minh bounced over to Leon and performed his usual song and dance to make him laugh, but instead he slowly puckered his face into a frown and started crying! It didn’t take us long to realize that it was because of Minh’s bold new look — little guy was so confused why his daddy’s voice was coming out of a clean-cut stranger!

Leon was obviously very traumatized from this deception, so he fell asleep as soon as we got home from daycare. Minh and I were joking around after dinner and Minh yelled “BOOM!” really loudly and woke Leon up. So Minh’s just kind of 0 for 2 today. Poor kid.

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