Leon is Basically an Adult Now*

I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Not because nothing has happened — on the contrary, I haven’t had time to actually sit down and write because so much has happened. Here’s everything I can remember from the past couple months:

  • Leon now has two teeth. It was brutal getting to this point, because I swear he’d been teething off and on for about four months. Right before his new pearly whites broke through, he violently gnawed on anything he could jam into his little mouth, including my chin (ow) and the spring doorstop (ew). Although…not even a week after the teeth came in, he was once again fussing all day long, refusing sleep, and chewing on everything. I honestly can no longer distinguish what’s teething and what’s just a “leap.” (I don’t necessarily subscribe to the Wonder Weeks theory as it hasn’t been accurate for us, but I will say Leon is definitely a turd on some days more than others. Most of the time he’s a sweet, curious little boy and he gets tons of compliments on how happy he is, but those times he’s not I take him to daycare a little early so I can have some peace and quiet on my ride into work. Real talk.)
  • This kid is on the move! For a few weeks he’d just “swim” when we put him on his belly. Then a couple weeks ago his daycare had teacher inservice, and Minh stayed home with him and (allegedly) taught him how to Army crawl. At least that’s what Minh insists. I decided not to tell him that Leon was bound to do that eventually.
  • He’s started solids! This was bittersweet for me, since it was so convenient to just feed him while laying back on the couch scrolling through Facebook a scholarly article. But it’s fun to see him get excited about new foods — his favorites are peas, butternut squash, corn, and avocado. So far we’ve mostly given him vegetables — with some protein thrown in for good measure — so he doesn’t decide he hates vegetables when he tries the sweeter fruits. But tonight he tries banana, so it’s on!

  • He’s outgrown his infant seat. We bought a convertible seat for my car, so unfortunately it means we can no longer just unclip the seat from the base and tote him around that way. (That said, he was getting heavy enough that it was starting to be unbearable anyway.) But for the time being, the seat is only in my car, which means I’m the default driver now. 🙁
  • He now sleeps in his crib! We even had to lower it because he’s able to arch up like a seal and it would have been any day before he grabbed onto the railing and leaped over it. (Now to get that terrifying mental image out of my head…) So if he’d just go ahead and sleep through the night sometime, that’d be cool. Hear that, Leon?
  • He likes to babble and clap and bang toys on things (including my face). He also likes to pull hair, and his grasp is so strong that I’ve literally debated a pixie cut.

Side note: I’m pretty stoked that Leon is starting to look like me. Minh denies it, but obviously only out of stubbornness because look at the similarities. It’s like, which one is Leon? Which one is me? I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE.

* Obviously Leon is not an adult, otherwise he would be helping pay bills and cleaning up his own messes. Did you see his eggy face? I had to clean all that up!


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