First Steps

It’s been a minute since I’ve last posted (homeslice has gotten me sick twice in the past three weeks #ThanksLeon), and this little man has changed so much recently!

He took his first steps about a week ago. He’s only taken a step once since (that I’ve seen), but I’m sure he’ll be running around before we’re ready no matter what. He can stand for about 5-10 seconds at a time, and he can cruise furniture and walk around using only one hand for balance.

Despite the fact that I bought a fuzzy stuffed monkey ages ago to be his lovey, I guess his socks have filled the role. He puts them in his mouth and crawls around with them, and I can typically distract him for a solid 60 seconds by giving him one of the half-dozen socks strewn around the house. There is a chance I have been encouraging this because I think it’s funny.

He’s getting really good at eating with his fingers. In fact, since he’s started the transition to the First Steps room at daycare, he’s shunned purees since he sees his big-kid friends eating with their fingers. (This is cool, but I hope he’s not as easily swayed by peer pressure as a teenager.) He loves freeze-dried fruits – and I love them too, because they’re easy to grab on the go. He eats sooo much — typically he’s shoveling food in his mouth consistently for a good 30 minutes before we cut him off so he doesn’t get a tummyache. So far his favorites are chicken, bananas, and black beans. (He did love avocados until one day last week he decided mid-meal they were the worst and he hasn’t eaten them since. Kids, amirite?)

He can sign “more” and “all done,” but he often gets frustrated when he’s hungry and forgets to do them. But he can say “mama” and “dada” very clearly. He loves giving Minh high-fives.

His left front tooth has poked through, and the right one will break through the gumline any day.

His school pictures came back — look at this handsome little goober.


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