Leon’s sick. Again.

At first we thought it was just a fever from the one-year vaccines he got last week. But a couple mornings ago, he just wanted to lay on me. I held him like a newborn (which he usually hates nowadays), and he just stared off into space for 15 or 20 minutes. I didn’t know what was happening (was he having a seizure?); it was so unusual for him to be so calm and still that I was honestly afraid he’d just stop breathing right there. I haven’t been that afraid for his health since we left the NICU. I called the doctor immediately, and that afternoon he was diagnosed with the flu and an ear infection. Then I noticed three teeth coming in. Awesome.


Unfortunately our pharmacy was out of the antibiotics he was prescribed for his ear infection, so he wasn’t able to take his first dose until last night. The infection must have gotten worse throughout the day yesterday, because he screamed almost the entire day. At one point, he hyperventilated/cried while arching his back and kicking his legs. I tried holding him against me, singing, offering food, anything — but he just thrashed around for 45 minutes. I felt so helpless because he wasn’t due for any more Tylenol or ibuprofen for a couple hours. Eventually he wore himself out and fell asleep against my chest. (I’ve since reached out to his pediatrician about the possibility of tubes since this is the third or fourth ear infection he’s gotten in the past couple months.)

This morning when he woke up, he drank more milk than usual and then drank half the additional Pedialyte I offered him. He ate almost his usual breakfast, and he seemed to be in decent spirits. He showed me a new trick of balancing a toy boat on his foot, and he happily chattered to himself while I took a shower. Minh said he slept pretty much all morning, then ate quite a bit. After such an upsetting and overwhelming day yesterday, I’m hopeful he’s on the mend.


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