Mama Brag #1

​This is Mama Brag #1 because honestly I’m sure there will be more. Sorry not sorry — this is my blog about my kid.

Anyway, it amazes me how quickly Leon is learning.

​​Just a few minutes ago, he brought me his shoes (he loves going outside). I told him that we could put his shoes on, but I reminded him that socks go on his feet first. I asked him to bring me his socks  (mostly because I’m lazy) and pointed in the general direction of them, and he actually brought them to me! It just showed how much he’s really understanding — he knows that socks and shoes go together for what he was wanting to do (go outside), and he was able to bring them to me when I said their name. Just a few months ago he couldn’t understand anything and now he can distinguish “sock” out of a sentence of other words.

We’re at the point where I’m spelling out words like “hungry,” “snack,” and “food,” otherwise Leon will chime in and suddenly demand “MUH!”

And earlier this afternoon, as I was picking the globs of dried fluid out of his ear (and they say motherhood isn’t glamorous), he told me he was “all done,” complete with adamant signing. Kid’s still got crust in his ear because I’m not about to deny someone’s body autonomy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


His new language skills maybe cancel out the fact that he was messing around with the baby powder earlier and got a face full of cornstarch. Maybe.

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