Thoughts While Shopping

Today, as I was wheeling Leon around Whole Foods during our weekly shopping trip, I realized I don’t know what the eff I’m doing with this kid. I’m just a-wingin’ it. And I realize that’s kind of the inside joke, right, that we’re all just figuring it out as we go along.

But I’m not sure how to teach this kid what he needs to learn to be successful. He knows that a brush is for hair and he knows where all the lights are in the house and he knows that we put our shoes on our feet before we go outside, but how do I teach him to read or say his ABCs or pee in a toilet? Every kid is different — what works for my kid? Does everyone just wing it?

Most importantly, what if I do all those things right and he’s still a douchebag?

How do I teach him to think of others? When is it necessary to think of yourself first? How do I know when to let the little things go when it comes to discipline? What defines a successful adult?

Anyway, this was what I was thinking about as I was perusing the aisles, and I don’t feel like developing these thoughts further (right now). I did decide though that I’m not going to shop at Whole Foods anymore, so there’s that.

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