Splish Splash

On Saturday, I took Leon to the splash park. We met up with several other moms with boys born within a month of Leon. The other toddlers ran around (and away), but Leon stayed superglued to my side, refusing to let go of my hand.

When I asked if he wanted to play or to sit, he answered emphatically, “Sit.” I was able to get a couple pictures of him splashing through the puddles, but most of the time he stayed latched onto me.

It made me a little sad. I knew he’d have more fun if I weren’t there.

On Monday he got the opportunity — it was Splash Day at daycare! His teachers said he stood right over the sprinkler until it was time to go inside.

Side note: I love that he gets to do so much stuff at daycare! They recently had Petting Zoo Day, and Leon loved petting the animals; the teachers said he wasn’t afraid at all. When I picked him up that afternoon, he told me that the goats say “choo choo”!

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