Mama Brag #2

As soon as Leon and I entered the exam room for his 18-month checkup, he pointed out the butterfly (“bababa”) and clock (“dock”) on the wall. We waited for a while, long enough for Leon to spray pancake crumbs in every crevice of the exam table and tell me that the cow in the wall mural says “booooooo.”

He’s meeting motor skill milestones for 24 months. He can easily kick a ball, stand on one foot, and walk on the balance beam with his teacher’s help. He’s been trying to jump lately but hasn’t quite gotten it yet. He’s been able to scribble back and forth for a couple months now, so I’m secretly hoping I passed some artistic gene down to him. He loves books and asks to be read to pretty much any time we’re in the living room. He can turn one page of his book at a time, and he’s careful to go back if he notices he turned two pages instead of one.

Regarding communication, the doctor asked me how many words Leon can say. I said I stopped counting at about 30, and she seemed genuinely impressed, telling me that the average at this age is 15. I mentioned that they’re mostly protowords, but she assured me that over the next six months he’ll start articulating more and stringing two or three words together.

I expressed concern about colorblindness because he knows quite a few shapes, animal noises, and body parts yet thinks every color is “yellow,” but she just chuckled and told me that many parents share the same concern — he may just be focused on learning other things. (I’d come across this article before, but it was reassuring to hear it from a doctor too.)

Leon passed his autism assessment, despite me having to check “no” for “handles loud noises well” — but if we’re being honest, Reese’s bark is very ferocious and scary.

And no shots this time, so a great visit all around!

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