Big Boy

Potty training has been going pretty well, actually! Leon’s only had one accident in the past week and a half, and that one was only because when he told his teachers he had to go there were two other kids using the toilets and he couldn’t wait long enough for them to finish. He’s no longer afraid of the toilets at daycare, and the teachers actually don’t even log his pees anymore because it’s assumed that he’s going every time they prompt. I can typically trust him to either go on his own or answer in a telling way when I ask if he needs to go.

We’ve ventured out to Kroger a couple times but haven’t pressed our luck leaving the house for more than an hour. This weekend though, we plan to go to the car dealership, then to a birthday party, then out to eat. We’re going to bring his potty from home, but I’m a little nervous that he’ll be too distracted to go.

Our only other challenge is poops. He waits until his nighttime or naptime diaper to poop and has only gone once in the potty. I’m a little worried that we’re going to have issues with it, but I guess no sense worrying about it at this point. Since having this kid I’ve learned to love my sleep, so I’m not ready to get up several times a night and/or switch him to a toddler bed in order to ditch the diapers fully.

Speaking of loving my sleep, Leon has been a nightmare in the mornings. He’s so sweet and loving, so it’s so strange that every time he wakes up, whether morning or nap, he’s got BIG MOOD. I’m talking a tantrum for an hour or more every morning — noodling on the floor, thrashing around, hitting, throwing things, etc. Obviously he’s a toddler so tantrums happen, but mama can’t get lunch ready and get out the door on time when there’s a toddler throwing cups everywhere and hitting the dog.

Nothing helps — not water, milk, tissues, books, puzzles, in crib, out of crib, standing there, not standing there, lights on, lights off, singing — until this morning (maybe). I turned on some YouTube nursery rhymes and went back downstairs to make our lunches. It didn’t take long before I heard him singing upstairs. I went up a couple times to check on him, but he insisted on staying in his crib for over a half-hour. He was still whiny once we got downstairs and didn’t want to put on his underwear, but it was much better than the other days this week. Here’s hoping we have somewhat of a solution!

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