All Kinds of Attitude

Yesterday was Leon’s 30-month wellness checkup — he’s 36.5 inches and 28 pounds! The doctor said he seems to be ahead developmentally but expressed some concern that he hasn’t gained any weight since his last checkup six months ago. She said she often sees a dip in BMI between ages 2 and 4, so we’ll just keep him on whole milk and full-fat dairy and keep an eye on it.

He’s had some attitude lately, so I’m wondering if his upper molars are coming in. I made a list of things he threw a full-blown tantrum about in the span of two hours on Saturday, mostly because it was funny and made me feel better about having Mr. Hyde for a son.

1. The piece of cereal he was about to eat broke in half
2. I told him he couldn’t eat Play-Doh
3. He thought there was a hair on his cup (there wasn’t)
4. I gave him the wrong color bowl

All in all though, he’s a generally happy kid. He sings to himself all the time, and his favorite songs are “The Wheels on the Bus” and, of course, the alphabet song. He gets so excited sometimes that he can’t control himself — so I can’t complain too much when he has a bad day. 🙂

“I making eggs like Daddy!”

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