A Man with a Plan

T​his morning, a week and a half after Leon’s occupational therapy needs assessment, I went to the parent consultation with the director/owner of the clinic to discuss her findings. 

Long story short, he definitely has some auditory sensitivities, and she congratulated me for being so in-tune with his needs. For the auditory-processing test, scores range from 10-50 with “typical performance” marked as a 35-43. Leon scored a 13.

He also failed almost all of the tasks that involved closing his eyes. This went along with her secondary finding that he relies on his vision almost exclusively out of all his senses, which may be why he’s so scared in the dark (he can’t see where the sounds are coming from).

She found that Leon is extra sensitive to tactile/touch as well, which surprised me. He is less sensation-seeking than others, possibly because he is overstimulated; and he still has some primitive baby reflexes, which may or may not be limiting/hindering his movement patterns.

She gave us a couple options for treatment, one of which is an occupational therapy plan tailored for him that would address not only the hearing but also the touch sensitivities and on strengthening his non-visual senses. He’d have a standing appointment with a therapist once a week where they’d work with him on these things for 50 minutes. I’m excited that there’s “something” out there for him, and looking forward to getting him the help he needs.

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