Quarantine: Day 47

Leon’s cultivated a deepened appreciation for Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and he will often spend about half his day just watching playthroughs of the game while I work. We bought him a tablet yesterday since our current tablet won’t charge well; we had been so anti-screen time before, but at least he’d be interacting and thinking with a tablet rather than mindlessly watching YouTube videos. 

The other day, Minh even carved him a sword and shiekah slate, which I then painted. Leon was so excited and didn’t hesitate to subsequently request a “blue shirt like Link.” He sneaks around the house like Link, he shivers like Link when he’s cold, and he thinks it’s funny to eat like Link at dinner. He got a hobby horse a while back from my dad’s girlfriend, which he has been riding around with lately, like Link, and he’s officially named it “French Fry Horse.” I asked him to confirm the horse’s name yesterday, just to see if it’d be the same, and he repeated “French Fry Horse,” as if I should have been listening the first time he told me this toy’s name. He also named the two Elmo dolls my dad got him “Elmo Baby Catalina” — we’re not completely sure where Catalina came from, but my guess is that it’s an island name in Breath of the Wild.

Leon and I have also been baking once a week. He seems to enjoy it enough, and editing the videos gives me something to do. The oatmeal bread, granola, and cornbread we made have turned out pretty good. (Smoothie and oatmeal bars, not so much) I think we’ll make zucchini bread this week!

I work from home through May, and Minh is furloughed until the beginning of July. We haven’t talked about what we’ll do for June, but unfortunately Leon will definitely be stuck at home for at least one more month. I’m eager for him to be able to go back to preschool though — he doesn’t care about sitting for the daycare video calls, but I know he misses his friends and the Letter of the Week!

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