• Bossypants

    Leon: “Mommy, I need my pouch over there.”
    Me: “That’s kind of bossy…”test
    Leon: “I need my pouch over there.”
    Me: “Do you know what ‘bossy’ means?”test
    Leon: “Yeah. It means you go get my pouch.”

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  • Worry About Yourself, Kid

    At 10:35 PM, roughly three hours after Leon’s bedtime…

    Leon: “Why Daddy not sleeping? Daddy not following directions!”

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  • Why, Of Course

    Leon: *counting on his fingers*
    Me: “What are you counting, buddy?”
    Leon: “Numbers.”

    Silly me.

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  • Gross Though

    Apparently my latest party trick is perplexedly pulling a wad of tissue out of my ear that my kid crammed in there and I forgot about. 🙃

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  • Snitching on Daddy

    Me: “Let’s go potty before we take a shower.”
    Leon: “I want to pee in the shower!”
    Me: “You can’t do that!”
    Leon: “Daddy says so.”


  • It’ll Grow on You


    Leon, pointing to Minh’s beard: “Daddy, what’s this?”
    Minh: “That’s my beard. I haven’t trimmed it in a while, have I?”
    Leon: “It’s OK, Daddy.”


    Leon, pointing to Minh’s clean-shaven chin: “Why you got a new one, Daddy?”

  • A Third Letter to my Son

    To my baby boy,

    I first met you three years ago, but I’ve known you for a while. You were in our hearts for years, and then for months you and I shared a body. I felt your kicks, your hiccups, your stretches. I fought mastitis and clogged ducts in order to feed you for a year. I rocked you back and forth in the wee hours of the night until you were old enough to fall back to sleep on your own. 

    You’ve learned so much in the past three years. You now know how to write the letters “A” and “O,” you can sign several letters, and you can read/spell your name with ease. You know your colors in Spanish and how to count to “twenty-ten.” You know how to cut with scissors and how to do a perfect somersault. You know when it’s time to be silly and when it’s time to sit criss-cross applesauce.

    You don’t understand yet, but someday I hope you realize how loved you are. How we’ll go to the lengths of the world for you. How much we enjoy your silly, sometimes-sassy attitude. How we hope you grow up to be considerate, independent, and happy. How we hope to teach you everything you need to know to navigate this crazy world.

    We love you so, SO much. Happy third birthday, Leon Maddox ❤️

  • Keeping Cool

    Out at a restaurant, where a woman was chatting on her phone so loudly that it was distracting us several booths away:

    Leon: “WHAT’S THAT NOISE?”
    Minh, keeping cool: “That noise is Leon!”

  • Coffee Run

    I turned in the Starbucks parking lot and Leon said, “Mommy’s getting coffee?”

    Shhhh… we’re not here often enough for you to know that!